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“Our worst fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

-Nelson Mandela


I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in November 1997, by neurologists at the University of Pennsylvania and Jefferson hospitals, just before my 26th birthday.   My book details philosophies on the origin of illness.   In short, I and many others theorize that it is caused by an acidic blood condition, and its ensuing internal overgrowth of yeast, bacteria, and/or fungus.


On June 8th, 2003, my dog Jerry and I began hiking the Appalachian Trail near Maine’s Mount Katahdin.   We traveled over 1600 miles on rugged terrain, and passed virtually everyone!  Our last month in the forest, my church, we covered over 25 miles per day, 6 days a week!  I did this to prove that the laws of nature, if followed, can not only heal, but bring us to new heights of health and fitness.   If nothing else, one can at least expect to alleviate some of their symptoms after implementing some of nature’s wisdoms.


A personal trainer since 1992, Eagle Scout, and author of “HOLY SH!T! How I Did It!”, I am focused on spreading the healing word to prove that the diagnosis of any disease can become the best thing that ever happens to us.   In my effort to become symptom-free, I became more powerful spiritually, mentally, and physically than I ever imagined.


Due to my devastated environment and unnatural consumption patterns, a lifetime of toxic exposure took a heavy toll.   My symptoms were severe: exhaustion, numb arms and legs, blurred, double, and skipping vision, tremors, vertigo, and incontinence.


In 1999, I began implementing an arsenal of natural healing too strong for any disease.   I traveled the country, studied with numerous healers, read countless books, and hiked many miles and mountains, preparing myself for the long haul of the Appalachian Trail.


Medication-free, every day I pray and meditate, eat a living foods diet, and perform yoga.   I also sometimes do self-massage, and frequently fast.


I wish to give hope that there is a life without dependency, strength despite diagnosis of Parkinson’s, diabetes, lupus, AIDS, cancer, chronic fatigue, ALS, mental disorders, or other chronic debilitating disease.


Thousands of others have seen similar healings when they changed their lifestyles for the better.   Not only can the body heal, but the individual potentially becomes stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually than ever before, affecting the behaviors of themselves and those around them in a gloriously positive fashion.   However, I am happy to see people make small changes that improve their lives, but desire for the world to be conscious of nature’s total healing powers.


I teach health and fitness to “healthy” individuals, and inspire others afflicted with so-called incurable diseases, by actively pursuing a whole living foods diet, exercise regimen and spiritual exploration.   I organize retreats that feature yoga, meditation, raw foods and a natural environment.  I also lecture to adults and children with glorious feedback.


Excerpts from “HOLY SH!T! How I Did It!”


My beat is my beat.   I aspire to let it be as original as the eternal dance of moonlight reflecting off a rippling river, every blade of grass, fingerprint, human body, and every other natural evolving moment of creation.

For unfathomable, countless reasons, I am blessed to enable this healing experience.   Because I choose to look inward, to get closer to my true self, and summon high powers to work for me, my bodyspirit is in a constant state of renewal.

We all have the ability to heal our bodyspirits, and maximize their physical fitness and longevity.   When one opens the doorways to universal truths about life and its health, they are bathed in the healing silk of Nature-Spirit-God, or whatever one calls the Divine, Infinite, Creative Force of the universe.

This work comes at just one juncture in my life experience.   Although I feel abundant with empowering knowledge, there are infinite creative and healing tools, many of which I will never experience.


It is a creative, not emulated experience; so one should draw parallels, and get ideas, while keeping in mind that everyone’s is unique for the individual to enjoy.   Only my bodyspirit is meant to feel the exact pleasurable or painful consequence of my exact actions, as each individual is supposed to feel theirs.   A few may mimic me, but hopefully with an understanding that the ultimate is to find one’s own divinity with a realization that universal principals apply to everyone.   The universals within this and all other resources are what are important, and what will lend to a personal healing.


My bodyspirit, although similar to other humans, is original, and bound to desire and react to different lifestyle practices in a unique fashion.   In addition, I am far from perfect, frequently merely a good manager of my faults, especially my addictions.   I sometimes eat bad food, stay up too late, smoke, drink alcohol, and **watch porn.


One should apply the truths contained within this book, but be wary of my exact behavior, for it frequently becomes a juggling act I create for myself.   I write candidly about these behaviors not to condone or condemn them, but to shed the idea that healing is a purely romantic endeavor that one experiences only on the high pulpit of pure living.   I hope that these writings inspire self-healers to go through their own, personal process of unlearning, remembrance, and healing that does not necessarily include my same process.


Through prejudice, one can take away their respect for me, but never the glory and ecstasy of my personal healing and blissful experiences.   To dismiss the tools and wisdoms that I am privy to know and present, because one disagrees with my lifestyle, is ridiculous, but inevitable.


Many will not apply the advice contained within this or other similar books and resources because their tunnel-visioned zealotry will prevent them from acknowledging resources that dance beyond their limited consciousness.   They might not even get past the title of this resource.   This is tragic not just because disregarding the truth within everything causes ignorance and suffering in individuals, but history shows that similar close-minded behavior hastens the destruction of our entire human culture and planet.   However, because each of us is a teacher to our peers and children, it is everyone’s responsibility to at least become educated, so that misinformation is minimally spread, and the vicious cycle of suffering, hastened death, and allof the negative imbalance thrust towards our environment can be reduced, despite whether or not the information makes one feel comfortable.  Once the truth is provided to that individual, it is their choice which path they will personally take, but absolutely their responsibility to at least not continue to disseminate false information.


This is definately not just about overcoming disease, but about allowing the creative process to grow, and making one’s dreams come true.   Although my inspiration is primarily from my multiple sclerosis, to only derive that, from this, would be selling one short like forever eating without tasting, or kissing with lips never touching.


In reference to illness, this is about all dis-ease, for it is all the same, just a different bodyspirit’s reaction to the universal dis-ease: toxemia due to a disconnection from Nature-Spirit-God.  This is about how I am re-embracing It, and therefore cleansing, healing, and maximizing my life’s potential, forever liberating myself from the throes of dependency, and affecting my environment in a more positive fashion.


Knowing what I know now, I would try to implement this wisdom even if I never got ill, because once I received a taste of its divine gifts, I could not have any less.


**Actually, I read the words “much more” to my brother Josh over the phone, and he thought I said, “watch porn”.